li is xbacklight, but suckless, but still sucks because I'm a fan of GNU.
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LI - backLIght changer

Light command is a small c program that adjusts the brightness of monitors. At the moment, only built-in monitors work i.e. most laptop monitors. Why make such a tiny program? There was a vacuum between gui application and shell scripts. The author did not particularly enjoy xbacklight (specially it's dependence on a xconfig file for the monitor in some cases, and the syntax is just stupid… -set?).

LI seeks to correct this somewhat… but it's not developed for the masses – just for me, so don't expect anything.


  • Adjust brightness of built-in monitors (laptop monitors).
  • Works on % of maxbrightness, not the arbitrary /sys/class/backlight… value fun.
  • Micro codebase.




To get the latest version with git over HTTPS:

git clone

git SSH

To get the latest version with git over SSH:

git clone


To build simply run:

$ make


To install simply run:

$ make install


To uninstall simply run:

$ make uninstall


To get help for lc

$ lc --help

To set the target brightness (as an integer).

# lc [int]

Notice: the brightness is a percentage, so 100 -> 100% brightness, 50 -> 50% brightness etc…

Further it must be in the interval (0;100].


  • built-in monitor support
  • I2C support
  • (unsure) multi-monitor