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I will be using for the forseable future

My github page

Hi! I'm a math student in my twenties having a quarter way crisis about the lack of software in my life.

I don't know what I'm doing here most of the time.


GPG key id: 7B9E E848 D074 AE03 7A0C 651A 8ED4 DEF7 375A 30C8 I use this key to sign my commits, and never commit without signing (as authorship is easily faked)

Github activity (commit graph)

On one occasion, as Master Foo was traveling to a conference with a few of his senior disciples, he was accosted by a hardware designer.

The hardware designer said: “It is rumored that you are a great programmer. How many lines of code do you write per year?”

Master Foo replied with a question: “How many square inches of silicon do you lay out per year?”

“Why…we hardware designers never measure our work in that way,” the man said.

“And why not?” Master Foo inquired.

“If we did so,” the hardware designer replied, “we would be tempted to design chips so large that they cannot be fabricated - and, if they were fabricated, their overwhelming complexity would make it be impossible to generate proper test vectors for them.”

Master Foo smiled, and bowed to the hardware designer.

In that moment, the hardware designer achieved enlightenment.

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